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  • Why are Britons so passionate about a pastry-making chain?
  • Why are Britons so passionate about a pastry-making chain?
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Greggs: bringing Britain together with comfort food

Though Britain’s high streets may be haunted by a general air of malaise, bakery chain Greggs is bucking the trend. By innovating its product line while staying true to its roots, it’s keeping both new and old customers satisfied, becoming the nation’s favourite dining brand in the process.

Location United Kingdom

Walk down any high street in the UK and it’s clear how varied the national palate has become. Cafés selling freshly ground espresso and home-made baked goods share the pavement with global cuisine and the latest in healthy eating. Fresh Japanese sushi and fragrant Vietnamese pho are as much a part of the British diet as pizzas, curries, and fish and chips. Yet while people’s tastes are continually evolving, Greggs remains as relevant as ever, a stalwart that’s built its reputation on sausage rolls and good customer service.





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