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  • What can the digital world offer older Americans?
  • What can the digital world offer older Americans?
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How are Boomers using tech to combat loneliness?

Whether due to divorce, bereavement, or family relocation, loneliness is an everyday issue for many American Boomers. But as members of this aging cohort sharpen their tech skills, they’re being exposed to apps and devices that help them establish new connections both online and IRL.

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An estimated 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day, and while many Boomers view the occasion as the start of a happy retirement or just business as usual, others begin a new year of life facing a lonely day-to-day. [1] “As we age, our social circles inevitably shrink, whether that’s through divorce, relocation, ill health, or even death,” says Andrew Dowling, founder of Stitch, an online community for over-50s. “It doesn’t need to be the loss of a life partner. Friends get hip replacements and can no longer come on walks with us, family members relocate ...



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    With longer lifespans, ‘seniors’ are embracing the fullness of life well after 60 and wielding the highest spending power as they go. The AARP has effectively addressed the diverse needs of this audience, creating the largest and most influential platform for the senior sector in America.  

  • Article image How technology can aid older people at home

    Digital solutions to problems such as isolation, a lack of mobility, and ill health are enabling older people to live well for longer in their own homes. Yet while many Boomers and Seniors and striving to become tech-savvy, what kinds of domestic gadgets do these cohorts want and need?

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    Looking for love online can be a minefield at the best of times, but it’s proving especially difficult for single 50- and 60-somethings who may not feel as comfortable on the platforms used by younger generations. How does Boomer-focused app Lumen address this cohort’s dating needs?

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    Shared housing may normally be associated with college students and young urbanites, but a growing number of American Boomers are following suit by shacking up with friends and strangers. What factors are driving older people to live with others, and is this trend here to stay?