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  • What are the problems with mainstream mindfulness?
  • What are the problems with mainstream mindfulness?
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Can mindfulness help build a better society?

Mindfulness courses promise to help people alleviate stress, improve sleep, and declutter thoughts – but how effective are they and who do they ultimately aid? Canvas8 spoke to Ronald Purser, the author of McMindfulness, about how the practice can better serve individuals and society.

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Used to sell everything from adult coloring books to chicken pot pies, mindfulness has grown from a niche practice to a mainstream, billion-dollar industry that has captured the hearts and minds of Americans. [1] There are almost 1,000 mindfulness apps available for smartphones and Amazon.com stocks more than 40,000 mindfulness-related books, from The Mindful Dog Owner to Mindful Birthing. [2] Jon Kabat-Zinn, who created the mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) program at the University of Massachusetts in 1979, argues that this form of meditation and self-reflection can ...



  • Article image Calm: mindfulness for meditation novices

    Having trouble sleeping? Worked up and worried about something? Need to calm down after a stressful situation? There’s an app for that. With varied offerings, and content voiced by Matthew McConaughey and Stephen Fry, Calm is helping its users to chill out and sleep better.

  • Article image Could apps solve America‚Äôs mental health crisis?

    With more than 44 million adults having a mental health condition and rates of depression and suicide on the rise among younger generations, America’s mental health crisis shows no sign of easing in the near future. How might mobile apps enable people to better manage their wellbeing?

  • Article image Why are Americans working into old age?

    Rather than winding down their working lives after they hit 65, more and more American Boomers are either in employment or looking for jobs. And while some are toiling out of necessity to cover everyday costs, others are taking up roles that let them try something new or feel a sense of community.

  • Article image Therapy for Black Girls: self-care that breaks taboos

    Whether due to the cultural trope of the ‘strong black woman’ or the pervading stigma to seek help, many African American women fail to get the mental health support they need. Therapy for Black Girls is aiming to tear down these barriers by connecting black women with empathetic professionals.