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  • How can an app help Gen Zers adjust to uni life?
  • How can an app help Gen Zers adjust to uni life?
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Fika: changing the discourse on student mental health

There are countless ways in which to keep yourself physically fit – from a morning jog to bouldering to a regular kick-about – but how can you maintain mental wellbeing? Targeting students as they adjust to adulthood, the Fika app offers easy-to-follow routines to encourage emotional exercise.

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Few prospective students enter the world of grubby halls and pasta diets without hearing that university will be the best time of their life. However, for many, the promises of life-long friendships, crazy parties, and engaging lectures give way to a harsh reality of day-to-day loneliness, academic stress, and social anxiety. With university students in the UK reporting poorer mental health than ever before, counselling services are struggling to keep up with the demand for support. But Fika is changing the discourse by providing quick and easy-to-follow emotional fitness routines, championing a preventative approach that helps students navigate the ...



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    Calm: mindfulness for meditation novices

    Having trouble sleeping? Worked up and worried about something? Need to calm down after a stressful situation? There’s an app for that. With varied offerings, and content voiced by Matthew McConaughey and Stephen Fry, Calm is helping its users to chill out and sleep better.

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    Could apps solve America’s mental health crisis?

    With more than 44 million adults having a mental health condition and rates of depression and suicide on the rise among younger generations, America’s mental health crisis shows no sign of easing in the near future. How might mobile apps enable people to better manage their wellbeing?

  • Mental health among UK uni students is suffering

    Mental health among UK uni students is suffering

    From untamed housemates to all-night studying, university isn’t an easy ride. With the conversation around mental health opening up, students at British universities are reporting high levels of anxiety and mental health problems, as outlined in the Student Experience Survey 2019.

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    Swirl: a zine for mental health maintenance

    Between the taboos surrounding anxiety and depression and the sheer number of self-help resources available, tackling mental health can be overwhelming and confusing. Swirl is offering people simple, actionable advice with an aesthetically pleasing and accessible print publication.