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  • How is ThredUP driving the second-hand clothing market?
  • How is ThredUP driving the second-hand clothing market?
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ThredUP: shaking up second-hand shopping

Where once thrifting carried a social stigma, people are now embracing the joy of buying used clothes, and second-hand shopping is becoming big business. With its offering of high-quality goods and well-known brands, how is ThredUP changing our shopping habits – and the wider retail industry?

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Forever 21 was once a fast-fashion favourite. But in September 2019, the retailer filed for bankruptcy, announcing that it would end its operations in 40 countries, including closing 178 of its stores across the United States. [1] As a beacon of fast, trendy, disposable, widely-available apparel, the company’s demise signals a changing attitude toward historic teenage tastes for speedy, inexpensive style, amid the growing popularity of the resale market. 





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    How are brands helping people shop sustainably?

    Retailers’ sustainability initiatives show that shoppers don’t just want cheap, fast fashion – ethical and eco-savvy values are important too. But are visibly mended sweaters and ‘sneaker cleaning’ services just an updated version of the ‘It bag’, or are people ready to adopt low-impact lifestyles?

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    Are Americans interested in second-hand luxury?

    Second-hand bargain-hunting is thriving as Americans browse thrift stores and resale sites for sustainable fashion and rare finds. But are they willing to splash out on pre-loved luxury? Canvas8 spoke to 20 people nationwide to understand why they would or wouldn’t buy high-end hand-me-downs.

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    Why are people snapping up pre-owned fashion?

    As fast fashion begins to fall out of favour due to mounting ethical and environmental concerns, the market for second-hand clothing is surging. But how exactly can buying pre-loved apparel help people live more sustainably? And what other factors are fuelling the resale segment?

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    Price or prestige? The science of thrift shopping

    Anyone can buy an expensive new jacket or tea set from a luxury boutique (given enough funds in their bank account), but only a discerning shopper can pluck a gem from a charity shop. Canvas8 spoke to Shelly Steward to understand how thrift stores can provide people with valuable cultural capital.