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  • Is swipe-based matchmaking detrimental to relationships?
  • Is swipe-based matchmaking detrimental to relationships?
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How have apps changed the way we date?

Whether on the search for a hook-up or something longer-lasting, digital dating platforms have become the first port of call for many singletons. Canvas8 spoke to three experts to learn more about the modern romance landscape and to find out whether apps have killed the long-term relationship.

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What can you really tell about a person from a selfie and a cheesy one-liner? Should you be using Tinder or Bumble? And why is ‘ghosting’ so problematic? As digital dating has become common around the world, confusion abounds around the right way to use these platforms, with many users feeling fatigued by monotonous swiping and shallow matches. For instance, in France, where the trashy reputation of early dating sites still lingers in the public consciousness, these apps are viewed with ambivalence due to their potential for encouraging infidelity and harassment. [1] In China, meanwhile, singletons are ...



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    How are Britons getting hitched?

    The way Britons get married is undergoing an upheaval as celebrants supplant clerics and brides opt for second-hand gowns. What’s driving couples to downsize their plans, exchange engagement tattoos, and opt for outdoor ceremonies? And how are brands supporting their new traditions?

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    How are attitudes to Valentine’s Day changing?

    For many Britons, Valentine’s Day has become a commercial con. However, as attitudes to relationships are shifting, some are choosing instead to demonstrate their love for their friends, family or themselves, while others are searching for personalised gifts and experiences for their partner.

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    Lumen: digital dating tailored to Boomers

    Looking for love online can be a minefield at the best of times, but it’s proving especially difficult for single 50- and 60-somethings who may not feel as comfortable on the platforms used by younger generations. How does Boomer-focused app Lumen address this cohort’s dating needs?

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    Her: connecting queer women for more than dating

    Grindr may have pioneered digital dating for the LGBTQ+ community, but its one-size-fits-all approach has left plenty to be desired. Her is giving queer women a space to call their own, creating a virtual community in which to meet like-minded individuals as friends or potential partners.