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  • How is rum’s notorious reputation being overhauled?
  • How is rum’s notorious reputation being overhauled?
    Daoudi Aissa (2018) ©

Why are Britons smitten with rum?

Rum is experiencing a renaissance in Britain as craft producers and premium mixers have elevated the spirit from cheap student inebriator to sophisticated yet casual beverage. But what exactly do drinkers want from a bottle of grog, and how are brands and bars adapting to their expectations?

Location United Kingdom

In 2009, the launch of a tiny gin distillery in Hammersmith helped spark a major shift in British drinking behaviours. Following a back-and-forth lobbying battle with HMRC, Fairfax Hall and Sam Galsworthy overturned a nearly 200-year-old law that forbade the small-scale manufacture of liquor, setting up Sipsmith. [1] It effectively opened the door for other distilleries to follow, contributing to Britain’s craft spirits boom – the number of licensed distilleries nationwide has rocketed from 113 to 419 in a decade. [2][3]

Locally produced gin, whisky, vodka, and rum are on the rise, ...



  • Article image How are Britons switching up their drinking habits?

    Britain’s drinking culture is transforming as the stigma surrounding alcohol abstinence fades and the price of a pint climbs ever higher. What are teetotallers and moderate drinkers choosing to consume in social situations? And how are pubs and bars keeping punters coming back?

  • Article image What do Britons want from mixers?

    The premiumisation of spirits hasn’t just made Britons more invested in drinking them, it’s also birthed a kaleidoscope of mixers. Gone are the days when own-brand tonic would do – now mixers are almost as important as the alcohol itself. So how are British drinking habits driving mixer innovation?

  • Article image Æcorn: zero-ABV aperitifs for sophisticated drinkers

    As the number of Britons ditching alcohol for health or social reasons surges, players from across the drinks industry are rushing to offer sober alternatives. Æcorn, the sister brand to non-alcoholic spirits label Seedlip, is filling the gap for booze-free aperitifs that pair perfectly with food.

  • Article image Ms. Better’s: vegan bitters for classic cocktails

    Traditional recipes for classic cocktails often use egg whites to achieve a rich frothiness. But with the rise of veganism, many people are now seeking an alternative. With its all-natural line of vegan bitters and foamers, Ms. Better’s is serving up a more ethical way to concoct cocktails.