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  • Where do people place their trust on social media?
  • Where do people place their trust on social media?
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How much sway do online influencers really hold?

A growing awareness of fake news and the proliferation of sponsored posts on social media has seen the trustworthiness and authenticity of online influencers come into question. How are established experts, nano-influencers, and CGI characters rebuilding confidence and digital relevance?

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Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have launched the careers of countless ‘ordinary’ individuals, giving them platforms through which to market themselves and secure book deals, advertising partnerships, and even TV shows. But the social media landscape is becoming increasingly unfriendly to these online stars, with the furore around influencer/scammer Caroline Calloway highlighting how their authenticity is coming under question and Instagram’s trial of hidden ‘likes’ acknowledging concerns about the pressure to appear popular. [1] Add to this a growing wariness of fake news and it’s no wonder why people are reconsidering who they can trust for ...



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    Seed University: creating a new breed of influencer

    Seed University has turned the influencer model upside down. Rather than sending out free samples to recruit ambassadors, the probiotics company is making people pass a course to become experts on the products they’re backing. Could this be the answer to influencer fatigue?

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    How artificial influencers are winning over web users

    With her flawlessly rendered appearance and dramatic digital narratives, virtual influencer Lil’ Miquela has been challenging ideas of authenticity on Instagram since 2016. Why are brands and social media users embracing these CGI celebrities and could they ever replace their human counterparts?

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    The Dog Agency: fostering fame for furry influencers

    As the dogs and cats of Instagram gain sizeable followings, brands are clamoring to tap these furry influencers’ audiences. Recognizing that most pet owners are unsure about contracts and legal requirements, The Dog Agency is helping to manage the fine print.

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    Why more followers doesn’t always mean more influence

    Online influencers have shaped the way people interact with brands since the advent of social media, adding context to products outside of typical advertising channels. But the idea that more followers equate to more consumer sway is not always true. How exactly is influencer marketing evolving?