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  • How is Better Not Younger meeting haircare needs?
  • How is Better Not Younger meeting haircare needs?
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Better Not Younger: haircare for over-45 women

Catering to middle-aged and older women, Better Not Younger’s approach to haircare has cemented them as the leaders in “gray” beauty. Historically overlooked, brands are stepping up to offer female Gen Xers, Boomers, and Seniors what they want: representation and products that work.

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Could the next “unicorn” beauty start-up be a brand for women over the age of 45? One that addresses the wants and needs of those who aren’t interested in looking like a younger version of themselves? After the $1.2 billion valuation of runaway success Glossier, all eyes are on the beauty industry for its ability to harness consumer spending. [1] The global cosmetics market is expected to reach $805 billion by 2023, up from $532 billion in 2017, indicating a consistently growing appetite for all manner of beauty products. [2]





  • Pantene campaign celebrates the beauty of grey hair

    Pantene campaign celebrates the beauty of grey hair

    Pantene has launched a campaign that subverts traditional beauty norms by focusing on the charm of grey hair. In the face of an aging global population, brands have a chance to not only accept signs of aging that have traditionally been considered undesirable, but to embrace and celebrate them.

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    What do menopausal women want from beauty brands?

    All sorts of stigmas are being broken in today's beauty industry, but the needs of menopausal women are often ignored. Absent in ads and lacking products for their changing skin and hair, these women are now pushing brands to step up and address this ‘last taboo’ without any sugar-coating.

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    Botánika Beauty: hair care for the Latinx community

    Eurocentric ideals have long left Afro-Latinx Americans feeling underserved by the beauty industry. But as the natural hair movement picks up steam, people are reclaiming the style they were born with and Botánika Beauty is providing the products to smooth and sculpt a healthy, curly mane.

  • Anti-ageing products warp views about growing older

    Anti-ageing products warp views about growing older

    The Royal Society for Public Health has released a report calling for terms like 'anti-ageing' to be banned from beauty marketing. As people grow tired of brands perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards, some are beginning to look inwards to see how they can inspire positive change.