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  • What can brands do to atone for their mistakes?
  • What can brands do to atone for their mistakes?
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Say sorry! The science of brand forgiveness

We all have our favourite brand, the one we support unswervingly or whose products we buy no matter the price. So what do you do when they slip up – whether it’s a campaign or a corporate move that goes against what you believe? What will it take for you to forgive them? 

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In Autumn 2019, French fashion house Dior launched an ad for Sauvage, a men's fragrance fronted by Johnny Depp. The spot, set in a desert landscape, featured a Native American dancing in classic regalia and a wolfskin-clad girl, while Johnny Depp finds an electric guitar and begins to play it. The frames follow with the words, ‘We are the land’. Amid backlash regarding its appropriation of Native American culture and insensitivity, the ad was pulled after two weeks of circulation, as Native American advocacy groups explained that the company was “looking to profit off of ...



  • Dior ad fuels cultural appropriation backlash Dior ad fuels cultural appropriation backlash

    Dior has pulled an ad for its fragrance Sauvage after a teaser for the campaign was criticised for its use of Native American imagery. The controversy generated by the campaign flags the importance of creating authentic media representations of ethnic minorities, rather than reproducing tired stereotypes.

  • Chanel follows luxury labels with diversity officer Chanel follows luxury labels with diversity officer

    Following in the footsteps of several others, Chanel is the latest luxury fashion house to hire a diversity and inclusion officer. With people taking couture to task for a lack of diversity, a concerted push for inclusion brings brands up to speed to reflect and support a diverse market.

  • Article image How call-out culture can make brands more authentic

    With social media giving everyone a voice and helping to raise awareness of corporate missteps, people are more critical of brands than ever. But ‘call-out culture’ doesn’t have to be a source of concern – it can be an opportunity to create authentic identities both reactively and proactively.

  • Article image Diet Prada: Calling out luxury fashion’s failings

    Instagram account Diet Prada is confronting some of fashion’s most prestigious brands on issues like copycat design and model diversity. As luxury consumers’ definition of ethical expands to include the intellectual property of designs, fashion brands need to keep up or risk being called out.