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  • How do Twitter storms affect a brand’s reputation?
  • How do Twitter storms affect a brand’s reputation?
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They did what? The science of Twitter storms

The voice of the people on social media and the power it harnesses means a tweet can destroy a brand’s reputation as quickly as it can build it. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Ann Kristin Kupfer, assistant professor at the University of Münster, to understand why and how social media firestorms occur.

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In August 2019, Stephen Ross, the chairman of Equinox and Soulcycle, decided to host a fundraiser for Trump’s election, which stirred controversy both on- and offline. As a brand that’s previously been celebrated for its stance on diversity and inclusion, the move prompted a flurry of celebrities chiming in on Twitter to have their say on why they’re boycotting their local workout spaces. Although the two companies issued separate apologies, the damage was already done, with hashtags #BoycottEquinox and #BoycottSoulCycle both trending after the news spread.



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