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  • How are brands connecting with people in the age of e-tail?
  • How are brands connecting with people in the age of e-tail?
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MyVerte: curated e-tail for disloyal Gen Yers

MyVerte, a membership-based, direct-to-consumer online marketplace is giving brands the power to curate their own vision and identity. By fostering brand-shopper relationships based on transparency, dialogue, and a sense of community, it positions itself as an antidote to Amazon.

Location United States

“Has Amazon hit a wall?” asked Forbes in an article from July 2019 about the company’s less-than-outstanding quarterly earnings report. [1] While research conducted by CouponFollow revealed that 95% of Americans had made a purchase through the e-commerce giant in the 12 months to May 2019, a growing demand for bespoke customer experiences and exclusive products hints at an opportunity for emerging e-tailers like MyVerte. [2][3]





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    How are Americans coping with choice fatigue?

    Whether shopping on Amazon or selecting a song on Spotify, modern life has too many options for even the most mundane decisions. This assortment of online offerings can overwhelm people to the point of indecision and inaction. How can brands help to mitigate choice fatigue for American shoppers?

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    Trouva: an indie boutique for digital window shoppers

    The war between online and IRL shopping has yet to be won – what if the solution wasn’t one or the other, but a combination of both? Trouva is an online platform that pairs with brick-and-mortar boutiques to offer shoppers access to indie retailers and grant small shopowners a bigger reach too.

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    How brand tribalism is changing brick-and-mortar

    The physical shopping experience may never match the ease of e-commerce, but that doesn’t mean people are abandoning the high street. Brands are using concept stores, cultural events, and customisation to attract footfall and communities that care about more than products alone.

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    Browns East: mindful luxury for Gen Y culture vultures

    Browns East is the sister store to renowned luxury boutique Browns – but the two couldn’t be more different. Designed to reflect the habits and expectations of a new breed of luxury shopper, it offers meditation, events, an art gallery and coffee alongside designer and obscure fashion.