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  • What do Gen Zers want from brands?
  • What do Gen Zers want from brands?
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What do Gen Zers think is cool?

Gen Zers are a tricky yet intriguing generation to grasp – they’re offline-shopping, eco-conscious, genre-defying, values-defending mavericks. As they grow into adolescence and adulthood, what do Gen Zers actually think is cool and how can brands appeal to this cohort’s unique mindset?

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Lil Nas X rides across the American west on a horse, cowboy hat on his head, Chris Rock by his side. They arrive at the local saloon, and Billy Ray Cyrus is there, tying up his horse. They sit and have a drink, while white, gun-toting locals creep towards them. Together Nas X and Cyrus sing, “I’m going to take my horse to the old town road,” launching into one of this century’s most memorable hooks. No, it’s not the stuff of your best REM sleep, but the start of the video for the recent record-breaking song, Old Town ...



  • TikTok generation helps Lil Nas X top the charts TikTok generation helps Lil Nas X top the charts

    After capturing the cultural imagination of young Americans on TikTok, 'Old Town Road', a viral song by artist Lil Nas X, has broken a record on the US singles chart. This unprecedented success is a clear nod to the growing power of viral social trends in the music industry.

  • Article image Shame: punk voices tap into activist youth

    Shame are the post-punk band leveraging collective action to reflect a new punk attitude among Gen Z Britons. Anything but apathetic, their angst-ridden music playfully, straightforwardly, and unapologetically articulates a generational frustration with the establishment.

  • Article image Billie Eilish: Gen Z icon redefining pop culture

    Denver-born star Billie Eilish has been serving up rich, textured songs from her bedroom since she was 15. Sampling a wide range of popular culture, referencing her acne scars, and singing acoustic ballads about killing her friends, Eilish is the YouTube-sprung Gen Z icon challenging the mainstream.

  • Article image What makes youth culture cool?

    That effortless sense of style and just-so way of carrying oneself – some people have it and some don’t. But how exactly do we determine what is and isn’t cool? Joel Dinerstein, author of The Origins of Cool in Postwar America, explains the origin of ‘cool’ and its evolution over the decades.