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  • Flying the flag isn’t enough to improve inclusivity
  • Flying the flag isn’t enough to improve inclusivity
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How can brands avoid rainbow-washing?

The commercialisation of Pride Month has resulted in many businesses being called out for ‘rainbow-washing’ their products and marketing solely to boost profits. Canvas8 spoke to three experts to discover how brands can better support the LGBTQ community and authentically promote inclusivity.

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Rainbow-themed swag was omnipresent during Pride Month 2019, with brands including Marks & Spencer and Budweiser launching new products and adapting packaging to show solidarity with the LGBTQ community. [1][2] With the annual spending power of LGBTQ consumers globally estimated to be worth $3.7 trillion and more than three-quarters of LGBT+ Americans saying they’d be more likely to buy into brands that back LGBTQ equality, these explicit displays of allegiance aim to foster mutual support between consumers and companies. [3][4] But people are wising up to this side of Pride marketing, viewing conspicuous ...



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    From magazine covers to small screens, media producers are striving to meet public demand for a level of diversity that reflects reality – but are their efforts enough? Canvas8 spoke to eight Americans about whether they believe mainstream media fairly represents all parts of society.

  • Article image Is this genuine? The science of rating brand authenticity

    Authenticity has long been a buzzword in marketing, but with 51% of people saying that less than half of brands create ‘authentic’ content, there’s a significant disconnect with audiences. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. James Oakley to find out what factors affect whether something is seen as genuine.

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    Trans and non-binary people are not solely defined by their gender identity, yet media outlets rarely depict these individuals in everyday situations. Through the Gender Spectrum Collection, Broadly is using stock images to reflect these diverse communities and break harmful stereotypes.

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    With LGBTQ kids experiencing more bullying, risky sexual behaviour and higher suicide rates than their non-LGBTQ counterparts, educating young people on LGBTQ issues is more important than ever. So, how is Queer Kids Stuff and other brands getting the message across?