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  • How are consumption habits changing in China?
  • How are consumption habits changing in China?
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Why are Chinese Gen Yers embracing minimalism?

Decades of domestic prosperity have seen Chinese citizens become coveted consumers the world over. But a new wind is blowing as young people move away from excessive materialism and towards a more conscious, minimalist approach. What’s driving this shift in shopping habits?

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Yang Zhihua set up a ‘training camp’ for minimalism in China in 2015, recruiting thousands of young people to practice living with fewer items. That same year, ‘uncluttering consultant’ Zhou Yiyan launched the public WeChat account No. 1 Organizing Platform, which has since gained in excess of 200,000 followers. [1] These minimalist influencers, many of whom are inspired by Marie Kondo, are proliferating in China’s urban centers. Beijing-based home organiser Bian Yuechun even created the concept of liucundao, which focuses on displaying possessions and evaluating them before any hasty disposal. [2] 

In a country known for its ...



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    How women are driving China’s luxury market

    Traditionally worn by the men of the household, more and more women in China are snapping up suits to fill their wardrobes. What does this shift in fashion preferences reveal of their position in society, and how can luxury houses and e-commerce sites cater to their increasingly lavish tastes?

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    What does ‘tradition’ mean to Chinese Gen Zers?

    The lives of Chinese Gen Zers – digital natives who grew up amid prosperity – are vastly different from their parents’. Yet while they’re feeling empowered and connected to the world, they’ve not shunned tradition entirely. How are apps, games, and fashion labels reminding youth of their heritage?

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    How social media is affecting Chinese attitudes to wealth

    In 2018, the internet in China was awash with images of people falling over with an array of luxury items around them in an explicit show of their wealth. Seen against the backdrop of the nation’s ongoing anti-corruption campaign, what can this social media trend tell us about attitudes to wealth?

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    ‘Wang Hongs’: Chinese Gen Z’s New Leaders of Consumption

    Known as ‘Wang Hongs’, highly relatable internet stars in China now surpass bloggers when it comes to doing business with major brands. But the superficial nature of the lifestyles presented on social media can have a negative impact on the mental health of these influencers and their audiences.