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  • How can brands ensure they’re seen as authentic?
  • How can brands ensure they’re seen as authentic?
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Is this genuine? The science of rating brand authenticity

Authenticity has long been a buzzword in marketing, but with 51% of people saying that less than half of brands create ‘authentic’ content, there’s a significant disconnect with audiences. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. James Oakley to find out what factors affect whether something is seen as genuine.

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For Pride Month 2019, Budweiser UK launched a line of specially packaged beers featuring the LGBTQ+ flag, using the different colours to represent and celebrate diversity within the community. Yet despite its good intentions, the beer brand struggled to hit an authentic tone with consumers and experienced some backlash from members of the LGBTQ+ community for ‘rainbow washing’.

With social media empowering everyone to call out brands for both major and minor transgressions, it’s never been more important for them to demonstrate authenticity in their communications. While many brands are making efforts to ...



  • Article image How artificial influencers are winning over web users

    With her flawlessly rendered appearance and dramatic digital narratives, virtual influencer Lil’ Miquela has been challenging ideas of authenticity on Instagram since 2016. Why are brands and social media users embracing these CGI celebrities and could they ever replace their human counterparts?

  • Article image How can campaign design influence American voters?

    From Obama’s ‘Hope’ poster to Trump’s red MAGA hat, strong visual cues are capable of rousing Americans’ energy for civic engagement – for better or for worse. But just how impactful is design in shaping the minds of voters? And how is it being used in the 2018 midterm elections?

  • Article image Where do people place their trust?

    In the wake of the steepest drop in trust in recent history, established business, media, and government institutions are being eyed with suspicion. Canvas8 spoke with Rachel Botsman, author of Who Can You Trust?, to understand who holds sway in the midst of a global trust implosion.

  • Article image How blockchain builds trust beyond finance

    Blockchain, the digital scaffolding behind cryptocurrency bitcoin, has hit critical mass and is being taken seriously by major conglomerates and governments alike. Canvas8 spoke to technology strategist Paul Armstrong to understand how it might make an impact beyond the financial world.