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  • What’s got Americans moving to the suburbs?
  • What’s got Americans moving to the suburbs?
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How has suburban America changed?

The archetypal American suburb may be perceived as quaint, welcoming, and demographically homogeneous, but they have never been denser, more diverse, or poorer. How exactly have these areas transformed over the decades and why do people still want to set up a life in these neighborhoods?

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The hallmarks of American suburbia are stubborn and sticky. White picket fences, reliance on cars, and demographic homogeneity are just some of the tropes that have become ingrained in popular culture thanks to shows and movies such as American Beauty, The Simpsons, and Desperate Housewives. But according to Robert Bruegmann, an expert in urban sprawl at the University of Chicago, these clichés have never been wholly accurate. “The stereotype of the white, commuter suburb was, and always has been, a myth,” he says. “[The suburbs] were fairly diverse from the beginning and they remained that way.”[1]

These ...



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    Americans are finding it hard to kick their car habit, particularly in rural areas. While cities have embraced alternative transport or ride-sharing, the options for those in the countryside can be limited. But there are signs that the market is opening up, at least in some modes and areas.

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    The high price of urban real estate has a growing number of debt-laden and ambitious Gen Yers moving out to the country to chase their American dream. Small towns offer closer communities and more space for families to grow – but what do young residents expect from life outside of the city?

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    More than 60% of rural Americans say that federal efforts to improve living standards don’t have an impact or make things worse. The Strong Towns initiative is working with residents, developers, and municipal planners to help countryside communities get back on their feet – on their own terms.

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    Owning a home is still part of the American dream for Gen Y, but many are being priced out of cities, leading them to seek a place in the exurbs instead. As they trade hectic urban life for a quieter existence between suburbia and rural regions, what can we learn about this generation of home buyers?