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  • How is PayTM helping Indians go cashless?
  • How is PayTM helping Indians go cashless?
    Ashwini Chaudhary (2019) ©

PayTM: using mobile to sync Indian spending

As India moves to be a cashless country, PayTM is leading the digital economy’s revolution by providing a wide merchant base for its users. This app is simplifying Indians’ lives by giving them the opportunity to seamlessly sync their spending for offline retail and online services.

Location India

Fuelled by demonetisation and an increasingly mobile-first society, Indians are turning to mobile payments and integrating digital transactions into their everyday lives. By September 2018 – nearly two years after the Indian government announced the demonetisation of certain banknotes amid fears of counterfeit bills – digital transactions had increased by almost 440%. [1] Prior to demonetisation, India had been a predominantly cash-based society. [2]  According to a Credit Suisse report, the total digital payments market in India is expected to touch $1 trillion USD by 2023. [3]





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