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  • How can apps help people to reduce their smartphone usage?
  • How can apps help people to reduce their smartphone usage?
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How can tech train users to build healthier habits?

As people become more aware of the impact of tech addiction, they’re looking to develop a healthier relationship with their devices. Canvas8 spoke to Maths Mathisen, CEO and co-founder of Hold and a Nudgestock speaker, to find out whether smartphone overuse might be the new smoking.

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In April 2019, Apple announced a crackdown on apps that fight phone addiction, as the brand created its own screen-time tracker. Over the course of 2019, Apple has reduced visibility for apps that aim to help people limit their device usage. According to The New York Times and app-data firm Sensor Tower, the company removed or restricted at least 11 of the 17 most-downloaded screen-time and parental-control apps, either by forcing companies to remove parental-control features or completely removing them from the App Store, while also implementing a clampdown on other lesser-known apps. [1]

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  • Emirati school introduces digital detox camp Emirati school introduces digital detox camp

    A school in the UAE city of Sharjah has implemented a digital detox camp for its students. As increased screen time becomes a worry in regions with rising digital penetration, school teachers are looking for methods to provide the younger cohort with alternatives.

  • Article image How brands can help people regulate their tech usage

    As people uncover how tech impacts their lives, they’re seeking to curb impulsive behaviours. Companies are designing solutions to encourage healthy usage of their services but the battle for user freedom versus responsibility rages. How do they preserve both their interests and people’s wellbeing?

  • Article image Nokia 8110: a nostalgic device for digital detoxing

    Coveted in the late ‘90s due to its cameo in sci-fi blockbuster The Matrix, the Nokia 8110 is being relaunched in 2018 with a few upgrades. While it was previously a symbol of futuristic tech, it’s now positioned as a nostalgic device that can help owners break free of constant connectivity.

  • Article image Hold: rewarding smartphone addicts for switching off

    Digital distractions are harming Gen Z’s ability to learn, with 60% of teens having neglected school work due to the allure of their smartphones. By offering a range of steadily increasing rewards, the Hold app is giving students a reason to put down their devices and concentrate in the classroom.