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  • Brands leveraging print at a time when media trust is at an all-time low
  • Brands are leveraging print at a time when media trust is at an all-time low
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How can brands make an impact with print?

As people look to strike a balance between online living and more tactile leisure pursuits, magazines are back. Seminal style bible The Face has relaunched and brands are printing their own publications. But in a world where digital dominates, how can brand publications make their mark?

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When The Face magazine ceased publication in 2004, it was the first of many magazines to bite the dust – Loaded, FHM, Sugar, Now, and NME, all suffered the same fate, while publications such as Dazed pivoted towards a digital-first strategy, reducing publication frequency to stay competitive. Print was largely derided as dead, and publishers frantically moved to get a handle on digital offers and social media, which was where their readers were looking to consume content. And yet by 2017, marketing mavens were circling with news that magazines were on their way back. And so it seems, they ...



  • Article image Overheard LA: a viral social account acing analog

    Overheard LA has gained more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram by documenting the weird, flawed nature of Los Angeles life in a humorous, relatable way. Through the Overheard Post, it’s bringing this viral appeal to print, giving readers meaningful media that’s worth sharing online.

  • Article image How are digital platforms influencing reading habits?

    The internet has sparked a seismic shift in the ways people consume literature as social media and small screens necessitate content in shorter formats. But this transition hasn’t impacted a desire for fresh, meaningful ideas. How are digital platforms opening up and reshaping poetry and fiction?

  • Article image Polaroid: resurrecting film photography in a digital age

    Following the rise of digital cameras and the subsequent smartphone revolution, many people believed the end was near for analogue photography. But the instant camera has experienced a resurgence as the aesthetic inclinations of the Instagram generation have revived brands such as Polaroid.

  • Article image The Book: a secret magazine for select shoppers

    With luxuriant paper, beautiful photography, and acclaimed contributors, The Book wouldn’t be out of place on a specialist newsagent’s shelf. But this magazine is only available to dedicated John Lewis and Waitrose customers, serving up high quality lifestyle content to boost brand engagement.