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  • Are Britons feeling ‘flight shame’ yet?
  • Are Britons feeling ‘flight shame’ yet?
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How do Britons go green while travelling?

No-frills airlines and hotel comparison sites have made it cheaper than ever to take a relaxing holiday, but do Britons ever consider the environmental cost of their travels? Canvas8 spoke to 15 people from across the UK to understand how they might cut their carbon footprint when going abroad.

Location United Kingdom

When man first took to the skies, air travel was seen as the ultimate status symbol. Then came the era of low-cost flights, providing travellers with a chance to show off their penchant for niche, off-the-beaten-track locations. Travel platforms, like the itinerary generator BeRightBack and peer-curated recommendation site Trippin, are taking the customisation and individuality of holidays to a level where the sky might really be the limit.

But a rising tide of climate concern is driving people to reconsider their consumption habits, and many are trying to be more environmentally savvy when travelling. Many ...



  • Article image How ‘flight shame’ is driving slow travel in Europe

    As people wake up to the impact of their everyday decisions on the environment, they’re looking for alternative ways to enjoy their favourite leisure pursuits. It’s why many Europeans are embracing ‘slow travel’, swapping instant gratification for eco-friendly and experience-led trips on trains.

  • Sweden’s zero island targets eco-conscious travellers Sweden’s zero island targets eco-conscious travellers

    Finnish renewable energy company Neste has launched a minimal-emissions project called Zero Vacations – a Swedish holiday destination with a sustainable approach. Situated on the island of Lidö, it taps into people’s desire to continue their eco-efforts while home and away.

  • Article image How can airlines help people to fly green?

    Despite a rise in public conscious over green issues, budget airlines have fuelled holidaymakers’ thirst for travelling further and more often. But the environmental consequences of this ever-growing market are huge. So why do people find it hard to live up to their eco-ideals when it comes to air travel? And how can brands help them to fly greener?

  • Article image How can people travel more sustainably?

    As travellers both new and seasoned demand more unique experiences that they can boast about on their social feeds, some are opting for sustainable trips to offset their CO2 footprint and help communities abroad. How can tour operators facilitate this kind of responsible travel?