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  • How are young luxury buyers signalling their status?
  • How are young luxury buyers signalling their status?
    Igor Rand (2019) ©

A Sector Snapshot of Luxury: Jun 2019

What’s driving the success of the second-hand luxury market? How are the young and affluent spending their newfound riches? Are the status symbols of the past relevant for the elite shoppers of today? And why are unconventional aesthetics taking over in high fashion?

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In the June 2019 Sector Snapshot of Luxury, we look at the reasons why second-hand luxury is gaining appeal, shed light on the spending habits of the young and affluent, explore the new ways people are signalling their elite status, and make the case for unconventional aesthetics in high-end fashion.

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  • Article image Gucci: championing dental imperfection in beauty

    The beauty standards of decades past are slowly crumbling as cosmetics brands strive to be more inclusive in their product ranges and marketing materials. While some are shattering ideals related to skin tone and age, Gucci has sought to spotlight dental diversity in an ad campaign for lipsticks.

  • Article image Are Americans interested in second-hand luxury?

    Second-hand bargain-hunting is thriving as Americans browse thrift stores and resale sites for sustainable fashion and rare finds. But are they willing to splash out on pre-loved luxury? Canvas8 spoke to 20 people nationwide to understand why they would or wouldn’t buy high-end hand-me-downs.

  • Article image How are young luxury shoppers buying online?

    Accustomed to rapid service and easily accessible products, Gen Yers and Zers are causing the luxury industry to bend to their e-commerce expectations. What do they want out of a high-end shopping experience? And how are haute couture brands grabbing the attention of these digital natives?

  • Article image Why are people snapping up pre-owned fashion?

    As fast fashion begins to fall out of favour due to mounting ethical and environmental concerns, the market for second-hand clothing is surging. But how exactly can buying pre-loved apparel help people live more sustainably? And what other factors are fuelling the resale segment?

  • Article image How are status symbols evolving in the US?

    Dripping with diamonds might once have been the ultimate status symbol, but these days buying organic is equally likely to win you prestige. Canvas8 spoke with Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, a consumer economy expert, to understand how markers of social status in America are currently evolving.

  • Article image Vogue: a revamped icon for diverse and digital readers

    Print media may be in decline, but the sales of British Vogue are rising under the stewardship of Edward Enninful. By investing in digital integration and committing to diverse representation, the iconic magazine has successfully adapted to the reading habits and values of contemporary audiences.

  • Article image Why is ‘ugly design’ appearing everywhere?

    Once a source of fascination for conceptually oriented designers, ugly aesthetics have entered the mainstream, with both brands and consumers championing the bizarre, gross, and impractical. How have minimalism, global politics, and a desire for self-expression fuelled this appreciation?

  • Article image How social media is affecting Chinese attitudes to wealth

    In 2018, the internet in China was awash with images of people falling over with an array of luxury items around them in an explicit show of their wealth. Seen against the backdrop of the nation’s ongoing anti-corruption campaign, what can this social media trend tell us about attitudes to wealth?