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  • Could telemedicine platforms help heal the NHS?
  • Could telemedicine platforms help heal the NHS?
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Babylon: on-demand care for impatient patients

Dissatisfied by long waiting times for doctor’s appointments, a growing number of Britons are turning to health tech to manage their medical concerns. Babylon has established itself as a game-changer in this space, partnering with the NHS to create ‘virtual clinics’ that could streamline care.

Location United Kingdom

The depth and breadth of health information available online has made it all too easy to Google oneself into the grave after looking up an illness. But the digital world’s impact on wellbeing isn’t all negative, with telemedicine platforms helping to lift some of the load from overburdened health services. In the UK, University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) is embracing self-diagnosis technology by partnering with Babylon, an online consultation and advice provider, to introduce ‘virtual clinics’ that could slash A&E waiting times. [1]





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    How is data-driven medicine impacting patients?

    There is more health data in circulation than ever before as DNA home kits and biometric tracking apps proliferate. Canvas8 spoke to Barbara Prainsack, author of Personalized Medicine, to understand whether this level of personalisation in medicine is empowering or endangering patients.

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    WEGO Health: using patient experts to redesign care

    In a precarious healthcare environment, Americans are Googling symptoms and seeking alternative remedies. Aiming to return power to the people, WEGO Health connects ‘Patient Leaders’ with health firms to ensure medical products are made with patient needs in mind.

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    Do Britons want to be diagnosed digitally?

    With GP appointments increasingly hard to get, digital consultations are being hailed as a way to ease the pressure on the NHS. But would people feel comfortable talking about their medical problems through a screen? Canvas8 spoke to 20 Britons to discover how they’d prefer to reach their doctor.

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    Be Your Own Doctor: explore the world of digital health

    The number of people Googling symptoms and diagnosing themselves has reached worrying proportions, with 20% of Brits now turning to the web rather than visiting a GP. Be Your Own Doctor is a new programme from Channel 4 that wants to help viewers navigate this potentially confusing world.