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  • A planet in peril is pushing people back to the railways
  • A planet in peril is pushing people back to the railways
    Joshua Rawson-Harris (2018) ©

How ‘flight shame’ is driving slow travel in Europe

As people wake up to the impact of their everyday decisions on the environment, they’re looking for alternative ways to enjoy their favourite leisure pursuits. It’s why many Europeans are embracing ‘slow travel’, swapping instant gratification for eco-friendly and experience-led trips on trains.

Location Europe

When positioned against the decadent escapism evoked by campaigns like Virgin’s ‘Depart the Everyday’, the climate change movement of flygskam, which encourages people to avoid taking flights, may not seem all that appealing. Yet in spite of the allure of breaking through the clouds and into the glistening sunshine, slow travel is fast spreading across Europe. Thanks to the power of social media and backing of activists such Greta Thunberg, flygskam has spread from Sweden to the Netherlands (vliegschaamte), Germany (flugscham), and Britain (flight shame) as more and more people discover the joy of taking their time ...



  • Swedish travellers opt for trains over planes Swedish travellers opt for trains over planes

    In a world where time is the ultimate luxury, Swedes are making eco-friendly travel choices by opting to catch trains rather than planes. With a view to combating climate change and maintaining social capital, people are happy to spend longer getting to their destination.  

  • Article image How can airlines help people to fly green?

    Despite a rise in public conscious over green issues, budget airlines have fuelled holidaymakers’ thirst for travelling further and more often. But the environmental consequences of this ever-growing market are huge. So why do people find it hard to live up to their eco-ideals when it comes to air travel? And how can brands help them to fly greener?

  • Article image Caledonian Sleeper: a cheaper, greener way to cross the UK

    Sleeper trains may seem like a relic from the past, but the next generation is tackling some of the pain points of air travel. The Caledonian Sleeper will offer passengers a trip from London to Scotland that’s greener than flying, more reliable than driving, and cheaper than staying at most hotels.

  • Article image Seven Stars: Japanese cruise trains go full steam ahead

    Japan may be renowned for its high speed bullet trains, but a new kind of rail revolution is set to put the wheels of the country’s economic growth in motion. The Seven Stars in Kyushu is one in a number of luxurious cruise trains charging big bucks to meander through Japan's exquisite countryside.