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  • Fresh Range is trying to make nutritious food accessible
  • Fresh Range is trying to make nutritious food accessible
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How can brands help people eat well in food deserts?

More than ten million Britons are underserved by healthy and affordable food outlets. They live in what are known as food deserts,  whether in housing estates or rural areas, and socioeconomic factors mean it’s the poorest that are hit the worst. How can brands better cater to these areas?

Location United Kingdom

In our wellness-obsessed age, healthy eating is touted as a virtue. But simply being able to access fresh fruit and vegetables is a consistent challenge for low-income individuals, 10.2 million of whom live in ‘food deserts’ – areas that lack access to healthy, well-priced food. ‘Food deserts’ take a variety of forms – from remote areas with only a handful of shops, to inner-city housing estates served by corner stores rather than a substantial supermarket. [1]

A recent study by the Social Market Foundation (SMF) defined these areas as places that contain two or fewer ...



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    The Food Foundation released a study highlighting that 50% of households in the UK currently have insufficient food budgets to buy the government's 'Eatwell' guidelines. Low-income families are not eating as much healthy food as they should be, and money is the main barrier.

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