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  • Why are people skeptical of high-end goods on resale sites?
  • Why are people skeptical of high-end goods on resale sites?
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Are Americans interested in second-hand luxury?

Second-hand bargain-hunting is thriving as Americans browse thrift stores and resale sites for sustainable fashion and rare finds. But are they willing to splash out on pre-loved luxury? Canvas8 spoke to 20 people nationwide to understand why they would or wouldn’t buy high-end hand-me-downs.

Location North America

Buying brand new is no longer a priority for many American shoppers, with the rise of platforms such as Poshmark, The RealReal, and ThredUP enabling them to find high-quality used products at an instant and for a fraction of the retail price. And as the user base of Depop might suggest – 80% of its buyers and sellers are under 25 – it seems that young people are driving this shift. [1] Indeed, it’s estimated that 37% of Gen Zers will purchase second-hand apparel in 2019. [2]

These young fashionistas ...



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    As fast fashion begins to fall out of favour due to mounting ethical and environmental concerns, the market for second-hand clothing is surging. But how exactly can buying pre-loved apparel help people live more sustainably? And what other factors are fuelling the resale segment?

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    P2P resale platforms such as Depop have boomed in recent years, but should brands fear these digital communities? Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Catherine Armstrong Soule, an assistant professor Western Washington University, to discover how social selling impacts brand perceptions and loyalty.

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