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  • How are shared ‘sheds’ cultivating a sense of community?
  • How are shared ‘sheds’ cultivating a sense of community?
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Men’s Sheds: social spaces to tackle loneliness

The passing of time may bring people wisdom, but it can also bring a sense of isolation. With men often less willing to openly discuss mental health matters, the UK Men’s Sheds Association provides spaces in which older blokes can bond and build, all the while overcoming their loneliness.

Location United Kingdom

A shed at the bottom of the garden is a long-established part of British culture. But while its enduring image is often one of blissful solitude, research from the University of Bristol and Age UK suggests that what many older men require most is social connection to avoid feeling ‘excluded, overlooked and cut off’. With the number of over-50s suffering from loneliness projected to reach two million by 2025/6 – representing a 49% increase from 2016/17 – Men’s Sheds is taking the trusted shed and transforming it into a space for community workshops. [1]





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    Magic Me: intergenerational parties to combat loneliness

    With loneliness linked to a range of health problems among the elderly, arts charity Magic Me is tackling this issue by running cocktail parties in care homes with the help of volunteers. How can intergenerational connections keep older people happy and healthy in their later years?

  • Movember street art helps men talk mental health

    Movember street art helps men talk mental health

    Sotheby’s London will be auctioning different works of art from street artists to support Movember, the men’s mental health charity. With many men struggling to confront issues around mental illness, the charity believes art – and the artists behind it – could be crucial for opening up the conversation.

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    Same old, same old! The science of habitual buying

    Britain is getting older; the population of over-85s is set to increase 18% between 2015 and 2020. But it’s incorrect to pigeonhole seniors as inactive and content with a weekly game of bingo. From online dating to exercising to travelling, how are hobbies helping seniors feel young again?

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    Men’s Health Forum: making blokes more health-savvy

    Men’s health is in bad shape. Despite being more likely to smoke, drink and be overweight, men are less likely to visit a GP, with a third embarrassed to seek help for mental health issues. Can more accessible services from the Men's Health Forum encourage blokes to take better care of themselves?