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  • Why are conventional cleaning products falling out of favour?
  • Why are conventional cleaning products falling out of favour?
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Method: ‘clean’, covetable supplies for spotless homes

Conventional cleaning goods are often marketed on their effectiveness, but as Britons learn more about their potentially harmful ingredients, a growing number are looking for natural, reliable alternatives. Method fills this gap to help people keep their homes and the planet in pristine condition.

Location United Kingdom

Keeping a spotless home has become a surprising way to achieve social media fame in Britain, with ‘cleanfluencers’ such as Gemma Bray and Lynsey Crombie having amassed hundreds of thousands of followers by highlighting the joys of housework, subsequently helping to fuel sales of their prized cleaning products. [1] But even high priestess of sprucing, Mrs. Hinch, who lauds the use of natural element likes soda crystals, lemon, and vinegar, has been lambasted for her commitment to products that contain harsh chemicals and have non-biodegradable packaging. Method offers a ‘cleaner’ ...



  • Article image Mrs Hinch: soothing minds through everyday chores

    Sophie Hinchcliffe, also known as ‘Mrs Hinch’, amassed over 1.7 million followers, high-profile media appearances, and a six-figure book deal in less than a year simply by sharing cleaning tips and videos on Instagram. What is the appeal of watching a woman obsessively scour her home?

  • Article image Persil Powergems: green laundry for the mainstream

    Laundry may not be the sexiest of household chores, but it is essential. And as many Britons continue their quest to live ethically, one small way to reach that goal is by making more conscious decisions about cleaning products. How is Persil Powergems making it easier for them to be green?

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    For most people, laundry is simply another chore – yet there are some who joyfully experiment with fabric softeners, and others who put the task off for as long as possible. Canvas8 spoke to 20 men and women from across the UK to find out what they love or loathe about washing, drying and folding.

  • Article image How is cleaning going high-tech?

    A third of consumers clean every day, and as their distrust of harsh chemical detergents grows, designers and scientists are responding with high-tech solutions. How will cutting-edge innovation do away with dirt in the future, and in ways that are considerate to the environment?