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  • Fintech challengers are changing the way Australians bank
  • Fintech challengers are changing the way Australians bank
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Up: a seamless, digital service disrupting Aussie banks

Trust in Australian banks is dwindling – just 36% of Aussies believe their bank has their best interests at heart. With the sector amid a shake-up, Up is giving people an easier way to manage their money, with flexibility, in-depth analysis and more human communication.

Location Australia

With 46.5% of Australians using mobile banking, these technologies are booming Down Under. [1] Launching in 2018, Up is an app hoping to reimagine the online banking scene. Created in partnership with Australia's fifth largest bank, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, it had the support to launch without having to wait for any licenses – something that hampers many ‘neobanks’ in the early stages. [2]





  • Article image ShopBack: using cashback to keep Aussie shoppers loyal

    Aussies shoppers are creatures of habit, preferring to visit one-stop-shops both online and offline where they can pick up all they need at once. Cashback platform ShopBack is tapping into this behaviour by providing a centralised, streamlined way to get rewards from a range of brands.

  • Article image Aspiration: an ethical bank for values-led Gen Yers

    As Gen Yers enter their financial prime, brands across sectors are looking at ways to adapt their offerings to meet the ethical expectations of this cohort. Online-only challenger bank Aspiration is appealing to them by putting trust, transparency, and sustainability at the heart of its business.

  • Article image What do Aussies expect from peer-to-peer lenders?

    As it becomes tougher to borrow from traditional sources like banks and credit unions, more and more Aussies are considering alternatives like peer-to-peer lending. How are fintech firms in this space challenging established institutions, and why are some people still wary of this form of finance?

  • Cost of living drives money worries in Australia Cost of living drives money worries in Australia

    As Australians become more concerned about the rising costs of living, high-earning individuals feel like they need more money to ease their financial worries more so than those earning less. This reflects an entitlement bias where there’s a desire to meet an expected standard of living.