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  • What would make bargain-hunters more brand-loyal?
  • What would make bargain-hunters more brand-loyal?
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ShopBack: using cashback to keep Aussie shoppers loyal

Aussies shoppers are creatures of habit, preferring to visit one-stop-shops both online and offline where they can pick up all they need at once. Cashback platform ShopBack is tapping into this behaviour by providing a centralised, streamlined way to get rewards from a range of brands.

Location Australia

Free money? Not quite – but cashback schemes still appeal to bargain-hungry Aussies. ShopBack is an online marketplace that makes it easy for shoppers to get rewards, whether they’re ordering dinner on UberEats or buying a new jumper from ASOS. After users make their purchases, the cashback lands in their bank or PayPal account within 48 hours, seamlessly strengthening brand loyalty through discounts.





  • Omnichannel features key to getting Aussies in stores Omnichannel features key to getting Aussies in stores

    Research has found that Australian shoppers are looking for good digital experiences both online and in stores. As brick-and-mortar retailers struggle to get people through their doors, tech innovation could provide a solution that satisfies customers' craving for convenience and novelty.

  • Article image Spending Fasters: Aussie women saving in bursts

    Frustrated by their rising personal debt, ‘spending fasters’ are looking to regain control of their finances by cutting all non-essential purchases for up to a year. How do the women who take this challenge cope without life’s little luxuries? And is this method of saving effective in the long-run?

  • Article image Honey: Automatic discounts for savvy online shoppers

    While 96% of Americans use coupons when they shop, codes can often be hard to find online. Honey is a browser extension that finds the best, and most relevant, discount code to your order – without the user having to scour the net for a couple of dollars off.

  • Article image Passel: same-day deliveries for impatient Aussies

    Australians continue to face long wait times when they order from abroad, contrasting the immediacy that services like Amazon have conditioned shoppers to expect. By enlisting ordinary citizens to deliver packages as they go about their day, Passel hopes to help ease the pain points of e-commerce.