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  • Why are Gen Yers keen to get their hands dirty?
  • Why are Gen Yers keen to get their hands dirty?
    Miracle-Gro (2019) ©

Miracle-Gro Twelve: app-aided care for ‘plant babies’

Heritage brand Miracle-Gro has entered the smart home space with its Twelve Indoor Growing System. Targeted at young, time-poor urbanites, it minimizes the effort required to maintain a small yet lush garden, allowing owners to enjoy the benefits of nature without spending hours toiling in soil.

Location United States

In its nearly 70 years of operation, Miracle-Gro has mostly appealed to Americans who’ve long-fostered a love of their seed beds and rose gardens – a generation closer to AARP membership than Netflix regulars. But a younger, more urban demographic is cultivating green fingers and the heritage brand is turning over a new leaf with its Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System. Previewed at SXSW 2019 in Austin, the all-in-one unit takes the guesswork out of indoor growing and helps ‘plant parents’ keep their babies in check even when they’re away from home.





  • Parsley biophilic clinic helps patients 'rewild' Parsley biophilic clinic helps patients 'rewild'

    Parsley Health in NYC is has taken it upon itself to revamp the stuffy doctor's office, designing it with more holistic, natural biophilic elements in mind. Parsley is tapping a trend that sees people reconnect with nature – a trend that is postively impacting upon people's productivity.

  • Article image Why Gen Y have become obsessed with plants

    Gen Y is embracing gardening, with growing plants and herbs indoors becoming a popular pastime for urban dwellers. Whether to boost wellbeing, bring a sense of calm to urban spaces or simply for its ease of maintenance, gardening is brushing off the soil of its previously stuffy image.

  • green spaces green spaces

    The Pantone Color Institute announced ‘Greenery’ as its colour of the year for 2017. It’s a selection that reflects the fact that, after millennia spent living in the outdoors, people now spend roughly 90% of their time indoors. This lifestyle has been associated with negative effects on health and wellbeing, and with two-thirds of the world’s population set to live in cities by 2050, people are looking for ways to restore their connection with nature. But instead of venturing into the wild, they’re bringing the outdoors inside.

  • Article image Patch: growing a generation of urban gardeners

    With Gen Yers squeezing into ever smaller spaces in cities, it may seem like an unlikely time for a gardening boom. But there’s a whole generation of well-heeled and house-proud urbanites looking to make the most of their outdoor areas, and London-based Patch is helping their gardens grow.