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  • Why are more people pursuing social sports?
  • Why are more people pursuing social sports?
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How clubs are changing the way Britons exercise

Britons’ exercise habits are shifting as traditional club sports are replaced by more inclusive and sociable group activities. And while barriers to participation remain for many, these crews and niche activities are attracting wider parts of the population to get fit and get involved.

Location United Kingdom

The ways in which Britons research, take part in, and even talk about exercise are undergoing a sea change. The headline figures are certainly positive. Sport England’s Active Lives survey for 2017/18 revealed that nearly half a million more people were doing 150 minutes of activity a week compared to the previous year – equal to 62.6% of the adult population. [1] Meanwhile, research from Exercise Move Dance UK (EMD) found that the number of people doing group exercise on a weekly basis increased by a million between 2016 and 2018, with yoga taking the number one ...



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