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  • AR has a wide appeal for brands, beyond face-filters and games
  • AR has a wide appeal for brands, beyond face-filters and games
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Can AR ads go beyond gaming and gimmicks?

Augmented reality offers huge potential for brands to integrate their products with consumers’ drive to blend their physical and digital selves. Yet brand adoption of AR remains low. What are the drivers feeding consumer engagement with AR and how can it be better adopted by brands?

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“AR literally plays to people’s needs for a better reality, one beyond their own expertise or imagination,” says Adrian Hoole, a behavioural economics expert and head of customer engagement at Proximity London. “The traditional customer engagement toolbox is at saturation point, so the appeal of AR to brands and their agencies is that, in theory at least, it offers amazing opportunities to put ever more interesting and engaging experiences in front of customers.” [1]

A 2018 parliamentary report shows that direct mail, press and radio ad spend has decreased significantly over the last decade, with print advertising ...



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  • AR adverts let beauty users try before they buy AR adverts let beauty users try before they buy

    AR advertising on Facebook news feeds is being embraced by beauty brands like Bobbi Brown, Sephora and Michael Kors. Given that 77% of Americans own a smartphone, AR advertising is a playful and effective way for people to ‘try before they buy’ and experiment with beauty options.

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