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  • Billie Eilish’s candid lyrics have captured the imagination of Gen Zers
  • Billie Eilish’s candid lyrics have captured the imagination of Gen Zers
    Billie Eilish | Facebook (2019) ©

Billie Eilish: Gen Z icon redefining pop culture

Denver-born star Billie Eilish has been serving up rich, textured songs from her bedroom since she was 15. Sampling a wide range of popular culture, referencing her acne scars, and singing acoustic ballads about killing her friends, Eilish is the YouTube-sprung Gen Z icon challenging the mainstream.

Location United States

“I have taken out my Invisalign and this is the album,” laughs Billie Eilish in the opening track of When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, her debut album. Eilish and her brother’s cackles at the idea of her removing her mouthguard is promptly followed by the sumptuous, energetic pulsing bass of 'bad guy' – a quick-witted subversion of the typical girl-sings-about-the-bad-boy heartbreak ballad (“I'm the bad guy, duh,” she sings). So marks the entrance of a complex Gen Z superstar into the ears of millions of listeners – who have streamed her songs more than ...



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    Vine and Snapchat may have popularised the short video format on social platforms, but TikTok has broadened the medium’s potential, allowing users to join viral crazes with just their phones. As Gen Z’s attention spans shrink, the app offers an easy way to participate in a wider digital community.

  • Facebook tests meme hub to win back Gen Z users Facebook tests meme hub to win back Gen Z users

    Facebook is privately testing 'LOL'  a feed dedicated to memes, GIFs, and funny videos as part of its bid to attract young users back to the network. This kind of irreverent, relatable content may engage Gen Zers on other platforms, but laughs alone don't dictate their social media usage.

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    With the volume of content increasing and attention spans dropping, entertainment brands are under pressure to find new ways to engage with Gen Z. With 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, Brat has succeeded in creating original TV shows that are relatable and available to an audience on-the-go.

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    Thanks to streaming platforms, people are able to soundtrack their lives with a near-constant stream of new and familiar music. But how often are listeners actually tuned in? Canvas8 spoke to 20 men and women from across the US to find out how and when music gets their full, undivided attention.