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  • Why are women turning to telemedicine and self-care?
  • Why are women turning to telemedicine and self-care?
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Hers: digital prescriptions for women’s wellness

Poor access to healthcare is common across the US, leading a growing number of people to try out telemedicine and embrace the wellness movement. Hailed as the ‘Glossier of femtech’, Hers is going direct to consumers with Insta-friendly prescription solutions to hair, skin, and sexual problems.

Location United States

When visiting the Hers site for the first time, you would be forgiven for thinking you’ve stumbled upon a fashion brand’s page rather than a birth control and acne medication provider. With models in androgynous athleisure draped across chairs, a palette of Pantone pastels, and pared-back Deciem-style packaging, Hers is replete with chic Gen Y design markers. But since launching, it has emerged as a disruptive force in women’s healthcare, offering accessible, affordable products to tackle hair, skin, and sexual problems.





  • Article image How is FemTech changing attitudes to female health?

    FemTech is a booming market both in the UK and worldwide. Inherently feminist in its values, its success has shown a real willingness to open up the discussion about female health and wellness. As it continues to grow, how is technology helping women solve issues that have long felt ignored?

  • Article image Hims: bringing self-care to a male market

    While people may associate erectile dysfunction and baldness treatments with older men, Hims is targeting a younger market. By using a tone of voice that’s more approachable than a regular pharma firm, it’s helping to guide them around the pain points that impact personal health and self-care.

  • Article image Why are Americans adopting alternative remedies?

    Wellness brand Goop has come under fire for peddling ‘alternative medicine’ with pseudoscientific claims – yet the backlash had little effect on fans. Amid increasingly unaffordable healthcare and falling pharmaceutical trust, how are unconventional remedies giving people a sense of control?

  • Article image Ritual: ‘clean’ vitamins for the wellness generation

    We can’t get enough of supplements – half of Americans take them regularly – but with little evidence to support their health claims and worries over their contents, people are looking for clarity and transparency. Ritual delivers both, providing a ‘clean label’ vitamin for the wellness movement.