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  • Sephora is using nano influencers to promote its products
  • Sephora is using nano influencers to promote its products
    Sephora | Facebook (2018) ©

#SephoraSquad: turning fans into micro-influencers

Beauty is in the throes of revolution. As people move away from the idealised to a celebration of real people, brands have an exciting opportunity to tap into the new beauty wave. With its #SephoraSquad, Sephora is going further, inviting everyday people to become influencers for the brand.

Location United States

#SephoraSquad is the latest social media campaign by the US-based beauty giant and, with 17.2 million Instagram followers, Sephora is actively seeking to disrupt – and simultaneously woo – the current influencer market. The concept? Asking individuals, regardless of whether they identify as influencers or not, to apply and become paid-up brand ambassadors with a difference.





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  • Nanoinfluencers provide authentic endorsement

    Nanoinfluencers provide authentic endorsement

    The nanoinfluencer is now in vogue with brands as they seek engagement from core fans. Smaller accounts are seen to provide a more authentic, human viewpoint and an experience akin to word of mouth. With people growing weary of mega influencers gun for hire approach to posts.

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