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  • 'Nicecore' TV is targeting anxious viewers
  • 'Nicecore' TV is targeting anxious viewers
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Joe Pera Talks With You: soothing Generation Anxiety

In an era of uncertainty, an entertainment movement is snowballing by tapping into a desire for kindness, optimism and reassurance. ‘Nicecore’ TV like Adult Swim’s Joe Pera Talks With You kicks dystopian narratives into touch by offering a welcome distraction from distressing global news cycles.

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The entertainment industry has reacted in a slew of different ways to the current moment of political unease and the looming climate crisis. In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, The Handmaid’s Tale – Hulu’s cynical, dystopian take on the Margaret Atwood novel – seemed to reflect the nation’s mood by presenting a gloomier outlook. Now, a new batch of TV shows, such as Adult Swim’s Joe Pera Talks With You, are taking a counter route: kind reassurance.





  • British Gen Zers find Friends most relatable show on TV

    British Gen Zers find Friends most relatable show on TV

    Friends might have stopped airing in the US 15 years ago, but the show is still close to the hearts of teens in the UK. A survey shows that the classic American sitcom is the most popular programme among young Britons, who value its relatability and that it can be binge-watched on demand.

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    Why are Gen Yers crazy for cartoons?

    Adult-oriented cartoons have found fertile ground on streaming platforms as more and more Gen Yers binge-watch shows to escape everyday stress and anxiety. With many critics claiming that we’re in a golden age of animation, what is the appeal of the medium over live-action for this cohort?

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    Terrace House: a slower take on reality TV

    While Love Island’s high-drama has gripped the British public, a Japanese dating series is quietly making waves worldwide for being its exact opposite. Terrace House’s subtle approach to reality TV is resonating with viewers who feel fatigued by the genre’s relentless demands on their attention.

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    Love Island: trash TV that unites Gen Y Britain

    Reality dating show Love Island is gaining popularity year on year – particularly with Gen Y. The show is endearingly relatable, offering a snapshot of human life and it makes for compulsive viewing that brings people together. So how can brands tap into its cult following?