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  • Loop helps people to be more eco-friendly
  • Loop helps people to be more eco-friendly
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Loop: removing recycling barriers to embrace zero waste

As people realise the impact of waste packaging on the planet, they’re making small lifestyle changes through independent brand innovations. But with convenience still high on people’s priority list, how is reusable, recyclable shopping platform Loop taking the circular economy mainstream?

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Some eco-warriors may already be living the zero-waste life, but for the average person, convenience is a huge barrier to being ‘green’ and plastic-free. Whether it’s composting coffee capsules or seeking out good-quality shampoo bars, reducing packaging waste can feel like just a drop in the polymer-filled ocean. But shopping platform Loop is revolutionising day-to-day consumption by partnering with some of the world's biggest brands to sell and deliver its products in reusable containers.





  • Loop delivers top US brands in reusable packaging Loop delivers top US brands in reusable packaging

    Online shopping platform Loop is partnering with some of the world's biggest brands to sell and deliver their products in reusable containers. Loop’s green initiative will help shoppers make more eco-friendly purchasing decisions, without it coming at the expense of their preferred labels. 

  • Article image Bkr: reusable bottles for the beauty-conscious

    As more people learn how plastic plagues the planet, the tide is turning against disposable water bottles, driving demand for stylish, reusable options from brands like Bkr. Why would people pay a premium for sustainable receptacles, and is there a danger in making functional goods fashionable?

  • Article image Charlotte’s Cupboard: packaging free shopping

    With The UK Plastics Pact seeing 42 companies pledging to curb wasteful plastic habits by 2025, brands are being forced to address the issue head on. Leading the charge is Charlotte’s Cupboard: a mobile grocery store that is helping people to avoid unnecessary packaging and food waste.

  • Article image Why consumers demand a circular approach

    With more circular initiatives surfacing – from small start-ups to corporate strategies – not everybody is on the same page about what a circular economy entails. As global debates heat up, will a zero-waste lifestyle move from a fringe movement to the mainstream?