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  • There are still social stigmas around pregnant women exercising
  • There are still social stigmas around pregnant women exercising
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How women are negotiating motherhood and fitness

The recent successes of sportswomen like Serena Williams and Jasmin Paris – who also happen to be mothers – may be eroding the stigma around motherhood and fitness. But which challenges prevail for pregnant women who want to exercise? And how can brands help them fight isolation and get active?

Location North America / Northern Europe

British ultrarunner Jasmin Paris made history when she became the first woman to win the Montane Spine Race, an arduous 83-hour trek 268 miles along the Pennine Way, in January 2019. She not only broke the course record by 12 hours, but she did so while making stops along the way to express breast milk for her 14-month-old daughter Rowan. Rather being a hindrance to her training regime, Paris ran with her baby on her back instead of a backpack, pushed her in the buggy and has credited her daughter for preparing her for the near-sleeplessness required to complete ...



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    As society’s definition of woman- and motherhood evolves in Germany, it’s having a marked impact on the world of fashion. How are brands adapting to the demand for clothing that’s as suitable for soon-to-be mothers as it is for those without kids – both men and women alike?

  • Stressed-out mums value the community of Mumsnet Stressed-out mums value the community of Mumsnet

    With modern parenting more pressured than ever, it’s important for parents to have communities they can lean on for support. Online forums like Mumsnet form a precious safe space for mothers, allowing them a private space where they can express themselves and connect with others.

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    Despite growing evidence that Aussies are moderating their drinking behaviour, mainstream media regularly raises the red flag regarding the drinking habits of middle-aged mums. The consequence is a perpetuating cycle of stress-drinking about factors that contribute to stress-drinking.  

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    With more than 90% of US mums using Instagram at least once a week, parents are certainly active on Insta. But what emotional impact is it having? We reached out to four experts to understand how scrolling through squares and Stories can be a positive (and negative) experience for new mums.