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  • Female comedians are taking the spotlight in India
  • Female comedians are taking the spotlight in India
    Sumukhi Suresh | Facebook (2016) ©

How Indian comediennes are challenging gender bias

Though the stand-up scene in India is relatively young, it has been just as male-dominated as in the Western world. But as more female comics take to the stage and gain popularity, they’re using their platform to challenge prevailing stereotypes that resign women to domestic roles.

Location India

When Neeti Palta started doing stand-up comedy eight years ago, the scene in India was in its infancy and female comics were few and far between. Being a comedian was and is a tough gig for women looking to cut it in the industry, especially on the live circuit, with the more successful women acting in comedies in film or television. However, since the early 2010s, a clutch of women similar to Palta have joined the profession and are collectively challenging stereotypes that resign women to domestic roles within society. [1]

It’s a positive trend, ...



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