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  • How is e-commerce impacting beauty buying?
  • How is e-commerce impacting beauty buying?
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How do Americans shop for beauty and grooming goods?

Peer reviews have empowered people to confidently order almost anything online – but would you get a new deodorant without smelling it or buy lipstick without testing the shade first-hand? Canvas8 spoke to 20 Americans to understand how they prefer to shop for beauty and grooming products.

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Amazon launched in 1995 as an online bookstore, but founder Jeff Bezos always knew he wanted it to be ‘an everything store’. [1] Nowadays, no market remains untouched by the company, which has grown from simply selling other brands’ products to offering its own line of goods and services, spanning everything from gadgets to groceries to movie streaming. In October 2018, it once again expanded its range, quietly introducing a collection of make-up under its ‘find’ label. The items, for the eyes, brows, lips, and nails, are sold in bundles that are all priced under $20 ...



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    HiMirror Mini Premium: tech for tailored skincare tips

    The HiMirror Mini Premium does far more than just show your reflection. With its ability to analyse a user’s skin and track changes over time, in addition to keeping tabs on when products are due to expire, the device is able to provide beauty guidance that’s tailored to the individual.

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    Beauty Insider Community: a digital hub for Sephora fans

    The average American woman spends $300,000 on face products over her lifetime, and in the search for the ideal foundation or eyeliner, many will seek advice online. With the Beauty Insider Community – an interactive online platform – Sephora is positioning itself as a go-to source for this info.

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    How are big box retailers using tech in stores?

    Supercentres are well positioned to introduce people to the latest gadgets as they shop, but how is tech adoption by brands impacting the future of retail? In the second of a two-part report, we examine how big box retailers in the US are using data to enhance the in-store experience.

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    Why do American Gen Yers love big box retailers?

    Despite their love of online shopping, young Americans still see great value in supercentres, with many visiting a Target and Walmart on a weekly basis. In the first of a two-part report, we explore how big box retailers are tapping into aspirational consumerism to grab the interest of Gen Y.