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  • What do Britons want from low- and no-alcohol beverages?
  • What do Britons want from low- and no-alcohol beverages?
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Big Drop Brewing Co.: booze-free brews for craft fans

Big Drop Brewing Co. is catering to Britons who want the taste of booze, but without the units. It’s bringing the craft movement to the low- and no-alcohol segment of the beer market, offering those who are cutting back a spectrum of flavours so they don’t have to settle for lemonade or cola.

Location United Kingdom

Gone are the days of last-resort lime and sodas; the non-alcoholic drink market is booming, demonstrating 15% growth in the UK between 2016 and 2018. [1] While some people are happy to quench their thirst on upmarket softs, others want the taste of booze – without the units. A brewery dedicated to producing near-teetotal beer may sound counterintuitive, but that’s exactly what Big Drop Brewing Co. is doing, upholding all the tenets of a craft beer: small-batch quality, beautiful branding, and an emphasis on great taste.





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