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  • Women in South Korea are tired of constant aesthetic critiques
  • Women in South Korea are tired of constant aesthetic critiques
    Aiony Haust (2018) ©

How South Korean women are resetting beauty ideals

From cutting their hair short and wearing glasses on TV to smashing their cosmetics, many South Korean women are rebelling against strict beauty standards. Online movement #escapethecorset is battling against the country’s traditional cultural ideals and highlighting other feminist issues.

Location South-Eastern Asia

Although the corset – an undergarment worn by women in the 16th to 18th centuries – largely belongs to bygone eras, it has been used as a powerful metaphor for South Korean women fighting back against stereotypes. Dubbed the #escapethecorset movement, scores of women in the country have been rebelling against the beauty ideals they say keep them constrained by ditching make-up, cosmetic surgery and other laborious beauty regimes they have felt duty bound to maintain.

For a country that is in the top two beauty markets in the world, valued at $12.5 billion (£9.7 billion), this is a ...



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    Jade Roller Beauty: better skin with a traditional tool

    Jade rollers have gained a cult following in the US due to celebrities and online influencers championing the ancient Chinese skincare tool. Jade Roller Beauty is just one of the brands tapping into this resurgent popularity, encouraging facial exercise to naturally enhance one’s complexion.

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    GENTLE MONSTER: all eyes on experimental Asian eyewear

    Gentle Monster is an “experimental-art-meets-Korean-eyewear” brand making a big name in China’s luxury market. It is attracting customer dollars (renminbi) with celebrity backers, statement-making styles and a retail experience – known as ‘retailtainment’ – while appealing to Chinese eye health concerns.

  • Children’s makeup is on the rise in South Korea

    Children’s makeup is on the rise in South Korea

    South Korea’s market for children’s makeup is growing rapidly, in keeping with a societal focus on the beauty and cosmetics industries. As makeup is normalised among new demographics, beauty norms are becoming increasingly difficult to navigate, espcially for children.

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    Can China become body positive?

    Hashtag crazes like #A4Challenge and #BellyButtonChallenge reveal the huge social pressure Chinese women are under to conform to narrow beauty ideals. With a variety of eating disorders on the rise, some brands are now helping young people reject old conventions and pursue self-acceptance.