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  • What do Gen Yers want from scented candles?
  • What do Gen Yers want from scented candles?
    Andi Rieger (2018) ©

Boy Smells: gender-neutral candles for the Insta age

The premium candle market is heating up – growing by a third in just two years. Alongside mass-market favourites, a new pack of digital-first brands is blazing a new trail. Boy Smells’ scented candles speak to the Instagram age, subverting gender stereotypes and tapping into the wellness movement.

Location North America

The premium candle market is heating up, with sales increasing by a third in two years. [1] But while luxury brands vie for a place on our mantelpieces, home-grown, digital-first disruptors like Boy Smells are burning a hole in the market. The boldly packaged black and pink candles contain provocative scents, such as cannabis, and are whimsically named – Kush, Redhead and Stalker – with a brand name that pokes fun at the gender specificity of wellness products. Having a designer candle on display communicates cash, but having one of these pride of place can convey greater ...



  • Old Spice parodies perfume's historic exclusivity Old Spice parodies perfume's historic exclusivity

    For many people, over-the-top fragrance ads can be sources of either great amusement or annoyance. In a knowing parody, Old Spice literally gets on your back with its latest print campaign – the perfume brand is running ads in GQ that have an entire scented paper blazer enclosed.

  • Article image What do Gen Y want their homes to smell like?

    The desire to make our homes as cosy as possible is not just affecting the cushions and blankets we buy, but also the scents we choose to spread through products like diffusers and candles. With Gen Y keen on all things ‘natural’ and ‘clean’, what smells appeal to the noses of this cohort?

  • Article image Babe Power: a fast fashion fragrance for Gens Y and Z

    With notes of candy floss and sour cherry, Babe Power is the first fragrance from Missguided. And despite its non-designer roots, it's the UK’s fastest-selling perfume of 2017 – an affordable accessory for the young women swapping a signature scent for a wardrobe of fragrances.

  • Moodo gives scented candles a smart upgrade Moodo gives scented candles a smart upgrade

    Noise pollution can cause stress and bad lighting can ruin your sleep, so it’s no surprise we're seeing smart gadgets that let us control our environment at the touch of a button. Moodo adds odours to the list, letting people program how their home smells via their smartphone.