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  • How can tech help cut the number of ‘serial returners’?
  • How can tech help cut the number of ‘serial returners’?
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ZOZO: a bodysuit that helps you find the perfect fit

Ordering clothes over the web is easy in practice, but finding the right fit is tricky. It’s a problem that wastes time for shoppers and costs retailers millions annually. Could ZOZO’s body-scanning suit and custom-made clothing line cut out the need for returns and make online shopping fun?

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Buying clothes online can be notoriously difficult, especially if you don’t fit into a classic size 10. The fashion industry has been dominated for years by standard sizes, which still differ depending on the year, shop and style. Customers have become increasingly frustrated with standard sizing in recent years and the growth in retail sales online, where you are unable to try items on before you order, has only exacerbated the problem.





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    MySizeID: finding the right fit with a smartphone

    Shopping for fashion over the internet may be highly convenient, but the ability to judge how something fits continues to be a challenge. MySizeID allows people to accurately measure themselves using their mobile phones to ensure that they buy the correctly sized clothes every time.

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    Levi’s Virtual Stylist: finding the perfect fit with a bot

    Online sales account for just 17% of spending on denim in the US – no surprise given that finding the perfect fitting jeans can require multiple store visits. Levi’s aims to change that with its Virtual Stylist, a chatbot that learns a user’s ideal style and fit before making recommendations.

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    Thirdlove: half sizes to close the lingerie boob gap

    Almost two-thirds of American women say they currently have bras that are either comfortable or look beautiful, but not both. Catering to those who can’t find the right support, ThirdLove sells stylish lingerie in half cup sizes, showing that fashion and fit don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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    True Fit: sizing up the clothing market

    Vanity sizing can make shopping for clothes slow, frustrating, and potentially damaging to one’s self-esteem. True Fit believes it has the solution. Collating information from around 10,000 brands across the globe, it’s helping people find the right size for them, whether buying online or in-person.