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  • Serving pet food made from human-grade ingredients
  • Serving pet food made from human-grade ingredients
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The Honest Kitchen: clean eating for pets

Traditional pet food manufacturing processes are no longer acceptable to a new breed of pet parents who are projecting human values around health and wellbeing on to their animals. The Honest Kitchen is catering to this expectation with food that’s good enough for people to eat.

Location North America

Pet ownership has come a long way from the days when dogs lived in the back garden, tasked with guarding a property. Nowadays, they have firmly established themselves inside the home, with 95% of pet owners in the US considering their pets to be part of the family. [1] Globally, the humanization of pets is a major trend in the pet-care sector, turning the relationship between pets and their owners from purely functional or transactional into one bound up in lifestyle and relationship. [2] As part of this, many people are looking to improve their pets’ nutrition just ...



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    As the dogs and cats of Instagram gain sizeable followings, brands are clamoring to tap these furry influencers’ audiences. Recognizing that most pet owners are unsure about contracts and legal requirements, The Dog Agency is helping to manage the fine print.

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    Many pet owners see their furry friends as members of the family, splashing out on them accordingly. But when heading abroad, it can be difficult to leave one’s pooch languishing in a kennel. Pawshake offers another option, providing a platform through which owners can connect with pet sitters.

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    Buying organic rabbit food, brushing your cat’s teeth, and sending your dog for hydrotherapy are no longer considered eccentricities. Pets are taking on human status, and they’re being treated accordingly. How can brands help enrich the lives of pet parents and their beloved fur babies?

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    The UK is a nation of animal lovers, yet with the average lifetime cost of owning a dog being £16,000, getting one is an impossible dream for many people. Now, thanks to BorrowMyDoggy, those that crave the companionship of a canine can share a pooch at the touch of a button.