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  • Has Valentine’s Day lost its appeal?
  • Has Valentine’s Day lost its appeal?
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How are attitudes to Valentine’s Day changing?

For many Britons, Valentine’s Day has become a commercial con. However, as attitudes to relationships are shifting, some are choosing instead to demonstrate their love for their friends, family or themselves, while others are searching for personalised gifts and experiences for their partner.

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Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is hard to ignore. But the Christian feast day, which many believe dates back to at least the Middle Ages, in its modern incarnation is perhaps best known for its tired marketing gimmicks. More than half (52%) of British Gen Yers say they don’t care about Valentine’s Day. While more than a third (38%) of Brits said they wouldn’t be celebrating the holiday in 2017. [1] In a study conducted with more than 1,000 UK adults in 2016, marketing firm RadiumOne found that 24% bemoaned the commercialisation of the ...



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    What do Britons expect from an engagement ring?

    A diamond may be forever, but not everyone wants an engagement ring with a giant rock, whether that’s due to the price or personal taste. Canvas8 spoke to 30 Britons to understand how they regard giving or receiving a diamond as part of a proposal and what they might like as an alternative.

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    What does romance look like for Gen Y?

    As our lives become increasingly intertwined with tech, the ways we express romantic interest are evolving. But are Gen Yers interested in starting relationships online, or have they swiped left on digital romance? Canvas8 sat down with 20 Americans to find out what they think about love and dating.

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    Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

    Not everyone will be stocking up on roses and chocolates come February 14th – 38% of Brits aren’t planning on celebrating Valentine's Day this year. Has this ‘Hallmark holiday’ lost its relevance? Canvas8 spoke with 20 British men and women to find out what Valentine's Day means to them.

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    Tinder TV: swiping as a spectator sport

    Tinder has become synonymous with modern dating, and its new app for Apple TV is allowing people to conduct their love lives in full view of friends and family in the living room. But will people actually use it to start a potential new relationship, or just for a bit of human window shopping?