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  • How do people perceive the brands behind funny ads?
  • How do people perceive the brands behind funny ads?
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LOL! The science of comedy in advertising

Many brands recognise that evoking laughter is a sure-fire way to get people’s attention – but that’s easier said than done. Canvas8 spoke to Caleb Warren, a marketing professor at the University of Arizona, to learn about the difficulties of using humour in ads and how this impacts brand loyalty.

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In December 2018, all-natural deodorant brand Lume released an advert that shone a comical light on embarrassing body odours. Created in partnership with the Harmon Brothers, the spot sees a French-accented woman talk – and sing – about the origins of bad smells while making jokes at the expense of her butler-husband. In its first week, the video garnered 1.1 million views and nearly 9,000 social shares, reportedly boosting Lume’s sales by 600%.

While Lume’s advert was a hit, other brands that have attempted to harness humour have missed the mark. KFC’s dancing chicken ...



  • KFC What’s for Dinner ad is a surreal take on 80’s sitcoms

    KFC What’s for Dinner ad is a surreal take on 80’s sitcoms

    The spot by Wieden + Kennedy promotes KFC’s $20 Fill Up options, a choice of meal deals designed to feed a family of four. The ad humorously satirizes the family sitcom genre, depicting a ‘conventional’ family scene unravel and become increasingly surreal.

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    Look on the Light Side: Maltesers' ads get inclusive

    It’s 2018, but for the most part, advertisers are living in the 1960s. Maltesers is setting itself apart by tackling taboo subjects and highlighting marginalised groups, such as disabled people and the LGBT+ community – but will other advertisers take note?

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    How do Britons view product placement?

    Product placement is a Marmite issue. While some people may find a Miley Cyrus music video featuring EOS lip balm, Tom Ford sunglasses and Beats speakers totally tacky, others barely notice it. Canvas8 spoke to 30 Britons to gauge how they feel about this form of advertising in film and on TV.

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    Aldi: proving that people still love an underdog

    Aldi has built a perception of itself as an unpretentious supermarket for the cost-conscious. And by using techniques typical of challenger brands – through self-effacing humour and the use of ‘real people’ in ad campaigns – it’s capturing the hearts (and wallets) of the British public.