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  • She Shreds blends music and guitar culture with feminism
  • She Shreds blends music and guitar culture with feminism
    Alora Griffiths (2018) ©

She Shreds: a music mag tearing up guitar culture

Catering to an increasingly diverse demographic of players and fans is a female-focused, feminist magazine that’s on a mission to change male-dominated guitar culture. And where She Shreds has led, music brands are beginning to follow – a move that could prove very profitable indeed.

Location United States

When iconic guitar maker Gibson filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, some headlines predicted the “death of guitar” and even Eric Clapton suggested that “maybe the guitar is over”. But while the figures show that strumming is alive and well, more subtle changes suggest that it’s just the macho aspects of guitar culture that are on the wane. Now, the young people who are shaping the future of guitar culture, led by progressive music publication She Shreds, are more diverse than ever.





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