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  • Why is tangible media still invaluable for brands?
  • Why is tangible media still invaluable for brands?
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A Sector Snapshot of Media and Entertainment

What’s the appeal of ‘real’ narratives in film and on TV? Why are Gen Yers binge-watching cartoons? What impact have the #MeToo movement and inclusive casts had on people’s entertainment consumption? And how can physical media break through the digital noise?

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In the November 2018 Sector Snapshot of Media and Entertainment, we explore the appeal of ‘real’ narratives in film and on TV, question why Gen Yers are binge-watching cartoons, dissect the impact of #MeToo and inclusive casts on people’s entertainment consumption, and look at how physical media can break through the digital noise.

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    Big Mouth: Gen Z sex ed in cartoon form

    With the number of US teens receiving formal sex education on the decline, Gen Zers are being forced to look elsewhere for the info they need. Animated sitcom Big Mouth has become a hit among teenage viewers, filling the void with its funny and uncompromising take on adolescent sexuality.

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    Polaroid: resurrecting film photography in a digital age

    Following the rise of digital cameras and the subsequent smartphone revolution, many people believed the end was near for analogue photography. But the instant camera has experienced a resurgence as the aesthetic inclinations of the Instagram generation have revived brands such as Polaroid.

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    Mailchimp: using direct mail to bypass digital overload

    Direct marketing has evolved from mailers shoved through doors to emails clogging up inboxes. But as digital overload becomes all-too-common, some brands are struggling to break through the noise. With its custom postcard service, Mailchimp is offering a novel way to grab people’s attention.

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    Why are Gen Yers crazy for cartoons?

    Adult-oriented cartoons have found fertile ground on streaming platforms as more and more Gen Yers binge-watch shows to escape everyday stress and anxiety. With many critics claiming that we’re in a golden age of animation, what is the appeal of the medium over live-action for this cohort?

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    Crazy Rich Asians: paving the way for diverse tales in film

    As the first Hollywood movie to feature an all-Asian cast in 25 years – and the most successful rom-com in nearly a decade – Crazy Rich Asians has been heralded as a potential game-changer for the industry. How is a film about one-percenters in Singapore promoting more diverse pop culture?

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    Money Diaries: exposing the ways that Gen Y women spend

    The Money Diaries column on Refinery29 has drawn a cult-like following, putting young women’s finances under the microscope, letting readers peer beyond the constructed personas often presented online. What does the series reveal about Americans’ attitudes toward money and spending?

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    Eighth Grade: a truthful take on the teen experience

    For decades, movies about adolescence have depicted cartoonish cliques and outrageous triumphs. But in Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade, 13-year-old Kayla is neither bullied nor popular, and her social fate changes little – a realistic take on teen life for a young audience craving relatability.

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    Can you separate art from the artist?

    The issue of ethics in entertainment has never been more widespread. And with consumers becoming less tolerant of suspect creators, Canvas8 spoke to Dr Pamela Rutledge, director of the Media Psychology Research Center, to find out what brands can learn from this shift in behaviour.